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360 degrees shooting is characterized by its ability to capture a spheripheral reality in an unusual manner, causing the viewer to experience something extraordinary, which makes them feel an like integral part of the occurrence.

Edge offers 360-degree stereoscopic video shooting. Stereoscopic videos gives viewers a sense of depth perception, similiar to 3d movies. Edge is using a device which contains 6 different cameras, each camera having a 220-degree lens.

This kind of video shooting with the stitching between the 6 cameras, provides an overall spherical memorable experience.


It is recommended to shoot in this technique at large special events and send the result as a souvenir to the participants, giving them a souvenir that they can't remain indifferent to.

at Edge-MT we also produce the VR application which complements this unique video shooting  to experience spectacular virtual reality using the different VR devices.   Cardboard glasses are accessible to almost any mobile device nowadays.


Subsequently, YouTube and Facebook offer a video viewing platform for 360-degrees videos.

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