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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a simulation of an environment, any environment, while using a computer which is connected to a VR device or a dedicated VR device for smartphones (cardboard or Gear VR for example), the user is under the illusion of actually being in the environment that is simulated by the computer whether he's "in" a 360 video environment or a 3D one.


Today, virtual reality is used for different purposes such as entertainment, education, training, marketing etc. Edge uses this technology mainly for innovative initiatives such as marketing, branding, extraordinary activities in conferences, events and promotion campaigns and also for educational guidance and teaching by simulations. 

The newest VR device at our offices is the  VIVE. HTC’s Vive headset, along with two wireless controllers, two base stations enabling 360° room-scale motion-tracking, and powered by SteamVR, pulls those virtual worlds off your computer screen and into your home. You’ll experience sights and sounds vivid and lifelike enough to transport you to another place, another time -  new realities with limitless possibilities.

We also use complementary technology that enables integration of finger movement and wrist movements in VR which are suitable for any interaction which requires specific finger actions.

Those experiencing are assimilated into the game/the experience and can better immerse the user into the experience and enable active involvement in the virtual reality.

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